Friday, April 13, 2007

Horses of Gettysburg Radio Interview

You can hear me talk horses on Saturday, April 21st. I was interviewed by Patricia McConnell and Larry Meiller on the nationally syndicated radio show, Calling All Pets. We talked about my recent film, Horses of Gettysburg and about horses in the Civil War. You can view their website here at Calling All Pets.

Mark Bussler at WQED studios in Pittsburgh

The shot above was taken just before recording the interview. The interview was conducted at WQED in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Calling All Pets is based in Wisconsin so we did it over an ISDN studio line. It was a good interview... I think. Maybe? I guess you will have to be the judge of that. They were both very nice and it is always fun to talk about filmmaking and about my experiences working on Horses of Gettysburg. I produced and directed the film which was released in May of 2006. After the initial airing I believe the interview should be posted on their website.

The interview will air on Saturday, April 21st on 90-some stations nationally. You can see if your town can get the show and what time it is HERE.

Horses of Gettysburg DVD

Horses of Gettysburg is available as a 2-DVD box set from your favorite retailer. It contains the two-hour director's cut of the film that was shot in High Definition. It also includes two different commentaries, "making of" shorts and a few interviews with Ronald F. Maxwell, the director of Gettysburg and Gods and Generals (and also the excellent narrator of Horses of Gettysburg!)

Ronald F. Maxwell and Mark Bussler

Ronald F. Maxwell and Mark Bussler at a Horses of Gettysburg DVD signing in Leesburg, Virginia, June 2006.

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