Thursday, February 7, 2008

Westinghouse TV and Radio Events

Mark keeps it real with a Chessie System mug

Here's a short list of upcoming Pittsburgh television and radio interviews that I will be doing in February and March about the Westinghouse film. This list will be expanding as we approach the DVD release date in April, but this is what I have for now. The times are approximate. If it's one thing I can talk about it's George Westinghouse and why he rocks.

- KDKA Pittsburgh Today Live: 2/15/08 (8:30 am)

- KDKA Radio – Carol Lee Espy Show: 2/16/08 (9:30 pm)

- KDKA Pittsburgh Today Live: 2/18/08 (8:30 am)

- Blog Talk Radio: 3/19/08 (9:00 pm)

- KDKA Sunday Business page: 3/23/08 (am)

- KDKA Pittsburgh Today Live: 4/8/08 (8:30 am)

Thank you to KDKA and Carol Lee Espy and everyone else! By the way, Carol Lee Espy narrates the film Westinghouse, and if you like her voice you'll dig her performance on the film, she can be heard on the Westinghouse trailer below:

The DVD is available for pre-order at and other locations.

Damn right it's TOPS in value!

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Weeeski2 said...

We look forward to the release of your new film. Mr. & Mrs. Kozel