Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Trip Day 6, Stirling, Scotland

Somewhere in between Durham and Edinburgh lurk these sheep

On the sixth day of our trip we took the train heading north from Durham to Scotland! And what a train ride it was.

Mark Bussler taking photos from the GNER train

We road the GNER (Great North East Railway) which snaked along the Northwest coast and offered many amazing views of sheep, small towns and the North Sea. I shot pictures the entire ride for the most part.

I regret that we did not have a chance to stop at this town called Berwick-Upon-Tweed which looked very nice from the train.


We changed trains in Edinburgh and headed to Stirling. Most people wonder why we chose Stirling over Edinburgh for our two day excursion into Scotland. The decision was made based on the prices in Edinburgh and the fact that Stirling is near Doune (more on Doune next post). I also wanted to see Stirling Castle and the William Wallace monument and sword.

Stirling Castle and the King's Knot

Upon arriving in Stirling we hiked up to the Castle and were greeted with some amazing vistas of Scotland! This is a shot of the wall of the castle and surrounding countryside.

The Scottish Landscape

It is very green and rainy in Scotland. The weather changed every 10 seconds.

Robert the Bruce statue in Stirling

Above is the statue to Robert the Bruce. Aye.

Although it seemed like most of the castle was being renovated while we were there we enjoyed learning about its history and seeing the details throughout.

The castle is just enormous and as I mentioned provides some amazing views. I never even had a chance to get a photo from the ground in front of it, we just didn't have time to walk that far.

A sentry box at Stirling Castle

After spending some time there we wanted to get some good Scottish food like fresh Salmon, but were told that everyone there eats Chinese or Italian. I ever saw an "American" steakhouse... which we did not go to. Instead we found a nice pub and enjoyed cheddar and chutney sandwiches.

My beer report of Scotland is favorable! I had some McEwan's on tap and really liked it. Scottish beer has a unique toasty flavor that you don't find many other places.

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