Thursday, June 28, 2007

Lensbaby 2.0 and Stella Pictures

Stella the Wonderdog

A break from vacation photos for a day. We finally got a new Lensbaby 2.0 lens for our Canon EOS Rebel XTi. Which is by far the most affordable way to get cool pictures.

Lensbaby 2.0 on Canon EOS Rebel XTi

It is a fully manual lens. In fact it doesn't even have focus on it. Well it sort of does, you have to bend the lens in and out like an accordion to get focus on a subject. Which is really tricky, but then you can blur the rest of the photo out depending on the angle that you are holding it.

Stella the Wonderdog reading the New York Times

Above is a nice shot of our dog, Stella, with her Sunday morning paper. The lens is pretty tricky to use at first, especially when shooting subjects a few feet away because you have a very shallow depth of field. I like to get focus on her right eye. Considering she is usually moving this can be tough. I shot about 500 pictures to get the three on this page in perfect focus on her eye.

Picture of Stella the Chow Chow German Shepherd mix photographed with Lensbaby 2.0

We ordered the macro lens attachment ($32!) for the Lensbaby so we'll be taking all kinds of cool photos soon. Here's a good shot I took in our front yard after a rain with our normal 17-85mm lens a few days ago.

Photograph of a slug.

Sluggish. I'll be posting more vacation photos soon, been busy. Ni!

Although I have not been writing much about it, work has been progressing steadily on the George Westinghouse Film. It is in post production now and music is being composed. I'll have more photos and information on that coming soon.

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