Tuesday, March 6, 2007

New Classic Game Room Package and DVD Specs

Short of an actual release date, which is coming very soon, here is the updated, final Classic Game Room packaging for my new film "Classic Game Room: The Rise and Fall of the Internet's Greatest Video Game Review Show"

Classic Game Room: The Rise and Fall of the Internet's Greatest Video Game Review Show

We decided to change it to something that really matched the attitude of the show... a giant beer and a video game controller. Who's going to argue with that?

The photographs were taken last week with my Canon Rebel XTi. The glass is a sold, 1970's beer mug that I adopted as a hand-me-down from my parents. Its a small glass but worked well because it didn't tower over the game controller pad. The pad is also mine, its an aftermarket generic game controller for the old school gaming systems.

I've been a bit slow posting on my blog as of late, been very busy with writing Westinghouse (my next HD documentary on George Westinghouse) and finishing all the technical details on Classic Game Room. And now the film is done, done, done.

It ended up being 100 minutes of solid, fast paced, humorous action. The DVD details (which could change but not likely) are as follows:

100 minute film, transfer made directly from the editing system.
4x3 aspect ratio as it was originally shot
Dolby Digital 2.0 Stereo

Special Features:
Feature length commentary track with Director, Mark Bussler
3 video blogs
Classic Game Room trailer
Trailers for Expo: Magic of the White City, World War 1 - American Legacy and Horses of Gettysburg

I just recorded the commentary track yesterday which was fun. Went into depth on some of our original filming stories and techniques. I then compared them to the new footage in the film and my new filming techniques. Also some good thoughts on old vs. new video games and which are more fun. And much, much more.

The comedy documentary is a mixed bag of footage but it really works. The original episodes were shot in Betacam SP and DVCpro. Some footage back in the day was shot on Hi-8 and Digital 8. My student film is in there which was shot on Super 8. There's a 16mm Japanese film that I use in editing, some ancient 16mm film from the early 1900's. The interviews were shot on Betacam SP, the new footage was shot in high definition on DVCpro HD with Varicam on a Steadicam. Some new footage was shot on MiniDV. I think the only thing we're missing is Super 35mm or 70mm film... which sadly was out of my budget.

I personally designed the DVD menus and selected the music so they match the style of the film exactly.

There are some new promotional clips on YouTube that can be viewed now, including a new short that I filmed last weekend just for fun. More release information to come as well as new details on the Westinghouse script and production.

Video Blog 3: A look at finishing the Classic Game Room edit.

Puppy Reviews Defender for Atari 2600: An experimental short film with my dog where she does a game review in Classic Game Room style.

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Justin said...

That's no generic game pad! That's the rare Euro-spec Atari 7800 gamepad. They are millions of times better to use than the pro-lines we got here in the US. Since the 7800 was my first system I think that cover rocks, can't wait.