Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Writing Haze and Dean's Diner

I've been slow to post a new blog update in a while. Maybe its the weather. Or maybe its the fact I'm in the middle of writing my new film about George Westinghouse and have been pretty much "writing'd" out by the end of the day.

All is going well though. I'm working on making the film informative and entertaining at the same time. George Westinghouse was an interesting man who did some pretty exciting things. There are a lot of amazing pictures and I've got to weave all this stuff together into a good documentary film. So after writing for 4-8 hours a day I can't think about history or anything else complicated anymore....

Dean's Diner always has pies on tap!

...which is why this week's blog posts are dedicated to my home state of Pennsylvania and all the awesome stuff in it. Starting with Dean's Diner in Blairsville.

This place is about an hour and a half north of Pittsburgh on Rt. 22. It's one of the best diners in the world and I highly recommend going there and indulging in their burgers, cole slaw, fries and pies. You can also buy a green sweatshirt while you're there.

Dean's Diner is my kind of place

At Dean's Diner (and most other quality diners) you always start your meal off with a nice hot cup of Joe. And they give you a placemat with their menu and prices and a slew of ads. So you have something to read while drinking your coffee. I'm not even being sarcastic, I love these placemats. I have one somewhere with an instructional diagram on how to eat a lobster from when we were in Cape Cod.

So good... Hamburger Deluxe...

Pictured above is the Hamburger Deluxe. It tastes as good as it looks. And Dean's Diner is world famous for its cole slaw. When you order the platter you get a small cup of it, but you can also order a larger portion. Search online, you'll see other people raving about this stuff. No other cole slaw in the world gets me excited about cole slaw. I'll talk for hours about reubens or pancakes or beer, but here I'm talking up cole slaw. Its that good.

Eating at Dean's Diner is worth a road trip

That's one happy diner right there. Armed with a Hamburger Deluxe and cup of coffee (note I'm wearing a Yuengling t-shirt) I'm ready to write away. Nobody does old school eating and drinking better than Pennsylvania.

Pie pie pie pie

See you soon with my next blog post where I take a group of guys from Philadelphia on a pub crawl through Pittsburgh. Its a "Keystone State" adventure you won't want to miss.

Next week I hope to be back into some production with more photos and updates on the upcoming films like Westinghouse and Classic Game Room.


CyRuS said...

I sense a new documentary coming on. looks great though, made me hungry anyway. good job!:p

Mark Bussler said...

A film on Dean's Diner would be awesome. What IS the hidden secret to their cole slaw?

CyRuS said...

There are a few theories on offer. Some people think it's bought on by Mass Sociogenic Illness, where one person says they love the coleslaw so eventually everybody does!

Another theory suggests that its some type of placebo. You went there as a child perhaps and was told that its the best thing in the world, so you believed that it was. Then using theories about quantum physics you manipulated your reality so that everybody loves deans diner coleslaw.

Or perhaps it was just a mannifesation of building syndome.

However I think the most plasuable answer is that the coleslaw and the good employees of deans diner come from outter space.



A few anagrams made from 'Deans Diner'. Coincidence? Hah I think not!


Me said...

Sorry Mark, but I've got to pan Dean's. Horrible service and small portions didn't win them and favors from me.


Love your blog otherwise however.

Me said...

Sorry--my review of Dean's was posted HERe: