Sunday, February 11, 2007

New Classic Game Room Video Blog

Just a few days ago I uploaded a new "video blog" onto YouTube showing the new editing system that I am editing Classic Game Room on, Edit-Station-1. It was the first new material from Classic Game Room in 7 years and rocketed up to #4 on the top rated video game shorts on YouTube!! You can view it here:

I was so excited that without any real promotion or campaign to announce this new short that we achieved about 500 views and numerous 5 star ratings in 24 hours. Then my wife pulled up a video of a Japanese kitten climbing out of a shoe that had 2,000,000 views which kind of stole my thunder.... However, seeing the popularity of kittens and puppies on YouTube perhaps Classic Game Room needs a puppy mascot?

(picture to come)

Inecom Entertainment Company will be distributing the film called Classic Game Room: The Rise and Fall of the Internet's Greatest Video Game Review Show. It is a feature length comedic documentary film about the rise and fall (hence the title) of the Game Room which ran from 1999-2000 and got wiped out in the dot-com bust.

You can view the original promo that I made for Classic Game Room below. It was made to judge whether or not there was any interest in releasing Classic Game Room on DVD and as it turns out... there is! So get ready, Classic Game Room: The Rise and Fall of the Internet's Greatest Video Game Review Show is coming.

Thank you to all the Game Room fans for spreading the word online! You know who you are (and you're probably at home playing old school Nintendo right now.) I plan to make new video blogs about Classic Game Room and my other films as well. Subscribe to my YouTube channel and you will be automatically notified when new stuff goes online.

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Also, this is my first blog post with my new computer, thank you Dan for building it for me. I moved from a Celeron processor up to a Core 2 Duo 6600 and it was like trading in my Yugo for a Lamborghini Jalpa. Anyone else remember the episode of Miami Vice with Phil Collins where the Ferrari Daytona was in a car chase against a Jalpa? Yeah... that was awesome.


Donald said...

Were you editing Classic Game Room on a freaking CELERON!? I was thinking you at least had Dual-Core Opteron or Core 2 Duo already! By the way I just upgraded from a single core to a dual core myself a few days ago (only an Athlon X2 4600+ on an old motherboard because I'm a cheapass). Everything runs so, so much more smoothly.

Mark Bussler said...

No no no.... I was blogging on a Celeron. But no longer. The editing computers are monsters. Classic Game Room is being edited on Adobe Premier Pro on a huge Dual Xeon computer with 4 gigs of ram and lots of bells and whistles or something, I'm not sure of the specs. It screams. And my new blogging and internet computer screams now too.

Donald said...

Phew, had me scared for a minute there. Great editing comp you have there. Mine's just going to be the computer I mentioned above paired with a 22" WS Dell monitor. It's not much, but it'll get the job done!