Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Writing Begins on Westinghouse!

Writing began on my new George Westinghouse documentary film today!

Earl Grey, hot.

Have a cup of George! Inventor, industrialist, businessman, patriot and all around good guy.

What could be more fitting than a piping hot mug o' tea when starting a new script. "Earl Grey, hot". Taking a break from editing today I sat down with my notes and photographs and began penning the framework for my documentary film on George Westinghouse and his life and legacy.

I'm working with the George Westinghouse Museum on the film and have been immersed in material, never-before-seen on film photographs and Westinghouse footage. There will be many very, very rare shots of George Westinghouse in the Civil War, with his wife Marguerite and at work. Being that he did not like to be photographed this will add great visual impact to the film.

Blank Screen

See the blank screen? I didn't get very far today except to outline the direction of the script. It was a nice day to hide inside by the warm, warming glow of the computer monitor and stereo system. It's cold out here in Pittsburgh.

It's Friggin' Freezing Mr. Westinghouse!

It's Friggin' Freezing Mr. Westinghouse! But thanks to George's pioneering involvement in AC Power and natural gas we're able to stay warm inside. The alternating current that powered the electric lights at the Columbian Exposition in 1893 also powered my stereo blasting Ministry this morning. All thanks to George Westinghouse.

Allegheny River

Its not often that the Allegheny River freezes up, I braved the cold for this picture.

There will be lots of exciting people featured in the documentary film who were in one way or another involved with Westinghouse the man and company. Including Nikola Tesla, Bertha Lamme, Benjamin Lamme, Elektro the "World's Most Famous Robot", Sparko (the world's most awesome robot dog), Thomas Edison, Henry Clay Frick who lived down the street, Albert Einstein, William Stanley and many more.

Westinghouse first used AC power generators at Niagara Falls to power Buffalo, NY. He invented the air brake, railroad frog, and numerous other products for the railroad industry. He held patents on hundreds of other inventions. He won the battle of the currents against Thomas Edison to electrify the 1893 World's Fair. There are so many interesting details going into the film to illustrate his unique story that I really haven't organized them all yet.

I'll be illustrating the film with rare photos, footage and diagrams from the 1893 World's Fair, the 1876 Centennial Exhibition in Philadelphia, the 1904 World's Fair, the 1933 Century of Progress Fair in Chicago, the 1936 Great Lakes Exhibition and the 1964 World's Fair. Time capsules, robots and Westinghouse Electric appliances will jump from your screen...including the Westinghouse Roaster that everyone in the world seems to own.

My George Westinghouse Mug

It should be a very exciting film. No release date has been set but we're looking at 2007. The film will be internationally distributed by Inecom Entertainment Company out of Pittsburgh. It is shot and photographed in High Definition and edited on the Matrox Axio LE editing system. More production photos to come.

Ice Planet Pittsburgh

Its like Ice Planet Hoth out here.

In non-Westinghouse related news another episode of Captain Bucknell has been posted on my comics blog, MarkBusslerComics.Blogspot.com.

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