Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Classic Game Room Episode of Contra on YouTube

The first full Classic Game Room episode has been posted on YouTube. We originally recorded it 7 years ago!

As a Valentine's Day present to the Classic Game Room fans I posted our legendary review of CONTRA from back in March of 2000. A lot of people on YouTube have been asking about the show after seeing the DVD promos for the upcoming film.

Regrettably, for a variety of the reasons, the original Classic Game Room episodes came down from their website. Many of the episodes are locked into the deal with the upcoming feature length documentary film that I am producing.... called "Classic Game Room: The Rise and Fall of the Internet's Greatest Video Game Review Show." Trust me, they look great in the film.

However, I wanted people who were not familiar with the show to get a taste of what Classic Game Room was all about, so I was able to put Contra back online from the original tape. So far people seem pleased. Check out the game review:

I made it a "Valentine's Day Special" and fully intended to get it up first thing in the morning but then we got hit with a terriffic snow and ice storm which caused all kinds of problems and schedule conflicts... but I got it up later in the day. I don't mind snow storms at all to be honest, I find them very pretty. And its the one day out of the year I get to use the "all wheel drive" function on my SUV which is awesome.

Classic Game Room

I took this photo from my office while working on the new film on George Westinghouse. Its a "treecicle". More blog posts to come soon.


Liam Franklin said...

Hey Mark!
Many thanks for the public valentines day present. I appreciate your public reply on the previous blog post i commented on. I also appreciate screening out my email ;)

Hope you had a great valentines and I look forward to HOPEFULLY brand new future game room episodes.

I did a quick sketch this morning to show my support to the game room. Unfortunately lack of time meant I couldn't do a full painting rendition as I had planned.

Hope you enjoy none the less! Many thanks.

Inecom said...

The "treecicle" is a phenominal photograph. How can I get a full resolution copy?