Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Production Update: Westinghouse 7/31/07

I'd rather be asleep or playing Sega

Holy cow! Look at the drama, excitement and glamour of being an indie documentary filmmaker!

Let me tell you how it is in this high profile, celebrity business. The gossip magazines and cable shows don't do it justice.

I lead an elaborate life of excess. It's true. Just today I was thinking of drag racing Escalades, snorting lines of coke off my diamond encrusted gold counter tops or running my illegal slug fighting operation... but instead I chose to stare all day at my computer as it crunched numbers. I was sleepy after a 128 hour bender dancing at night clubs and hopping in and out of jail.

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This is really wild. Today I documentd, by hand, every shot and file name in my new documentary film to keep it organized and backed up in hard copy. I was also rebuilding it from scratch in High-Def after I'd made all of my preliminary editing decisions.

Where is the glamour and excitement in this? Where is the the celebrity reality show when you need it? Seriously, this was extreme. I wrote it all with a blue pen too. In your face people who like red pens! EXTREME!!!!

1 Terabyte of Tron like action

Check this out. It is a 1 terabyte hard drive. I go through these things faster than Crocket and Tubbs bust bad guys. Did I say bad guys? I mean misunderstood businessmen.

This hard drive should be full of phone numbers, a-list party schedules and the financial statements from my illegal slug fighting operation. It is not though. It is full of historical photographs, rare footage from the 19th century and hand written letters from very intelligent people who worked hard to make America a better place.

Bah humbug! I'm off to hit some trendy party somewhere. Who cares about smart, hard working people like George Westinghouse when you can see models fall of the bar into a pile of extreme vodka mix drinks?

Being a documentary filmmaker is extreme. Really. I'm being serious. It is. $20 on the yellow slug.

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