Thursday, August 2, 2007

Production Update: Westinghouse 8/2

Westinghouse Documentary Film

What you are looking at is the opening shot of the new Westinghouse documentary film that I am producing. Actually two versions of the opening shot. The smaller one in the bottom left is the standard def cut of the film superimposed onto the HD edit of the film.

I have a 2 hour cut of the film with holding narration completed. That means my narration which eventually gets re-recorded by the professional narrator. I'm remaking the entire film in HD and cleaning up all the footage and photos. I took this shot with my cell phone so it doesn't show the clarity of the screen. That photograph is actually from the Westinghouse exhibit at the 1904 World's Fair in St. Louis. Also known as the Louisiana Purchase Exhibition to elebrate the 100th anniversary of the Louisiana Purchase in 1803 (they were one year late... again!).

I have not gotten official word yet from the distribution company on the release date of the film (which will be in spring of 2008) or the possible (cross your fingers) Blu-Ray disc release. It will be nice to see the film with all of the detail that I am putting into it. You can make out the detail in the plaster molding and W's around the light bulbs in the opening shot.

I don't even have Blu-Ray yet. I have not yet gotten my PS3 but I hope to soon. I'm still angered by the format war and the lack of PS3 games. Not like I have time to play them anyway. However, as prices subside, and with software titles like Blade Runner on the horizon, I'm going to have to jump on that bandwagon.

More Westinghouse film information will be posted here as well as on the official site

Westinghouse Film DVD

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Anonymous said...

I'm sure I'm not telling you anything you don't already know, but I just spotted Westinghouse on on both Blu-ray and DVD for pre-order, and they have a release date of April 8th, 2008 pencilled in.

Looking forward to seeing it!

-Adam Tyner