Friday, December 29, 2006

To Bleep or not to Bleep

To bleep or not to bleep, that is the question...

As I work on Classic Game Room: The Rise and Fall of the Internet's Greatest Video Game Review Show I go through stacks of master tapes. Master tapes can mean the master edits, which are the complete edited shows. Or the master recording tapes which are the actual tapes used to record me and Dave in the studio which were then mixed with the game footage in post-production to make the master edit.

Classic Game Room, Sucka!

One of our old slogans was "Game Room: We kill more dolphins before 7am than most people do all day!". The fact is, I've never harmed a dolphin. I've never even insulted one. Actually I rather like dolphins. They're much nicer than many people I've met.

Game Room, hooooooooo!

So, getting back to the story, I've got dozens of tapes of these master recording sessions with Dave and I giving our professional on-camera Game Room reviews of video games. These are great to watch in their raw, un-edited form, namely because Dave's outtakes are hilarious. But the takes that we ended up using in the edited Game Roome episodes are there in crystal clear video with uncompressed audio. So you can hear every subtle nuance of my conjested, dull performance and Dave's thick New Jersey accent.

However something caught my ear... as I was listening to the original recording of the Alien episode I heard "F#$@ this!" and "F*#@ that!" and "F@#& you!" etc... over and over. I forgot that I had bleeped all that for the production episodes we aired online.

Apple G5, sucka!

The Apple G5. The G stands for "Gandalf"!

To let out a little known secret, we only "bleeped" the swear words because we thought it was funny. Actually we bleeped some and left others in. We also mis-bleeped words so they came out like "F-ckBLEEP you Sh-tBLEEPa$$BLEEPho!". Very mature, I know.

I still think they're funnier bleeped, so I may re-bleep the master tapes. I don't think hearing me swear is terribly exciting. I do it most mornings after I realize I forgot to make the coffee the night before. The Game Room humor is what I'm going for... and that certain high-brow level of sophistication we always managed to achieve in our show.

Lord Chesterfield, I presume?

The Game Room dvd is progressing well. I'm getting to be a pro at Final Cut on the G5. I replaced the Macintosh mouse with my trusty Microsoft mouse and am much happier. I hated the Mac mouse. Most of the film is cut together, the new Yar's Revenge episode is awesome and we're shooting the interviews and new footage next week. A release date and packaging will be announced soon.

Feed me.

Stella waiting patiently for the new Game Room DVD. See you in 2007 with all kinds of information on Game Room and other documentary film projects. As for me, I'm gonna party like its 1989.

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