Monday, January 8, 2007

World War 1 - American Legacy Reviews

Sometimes when I'm in the middle of production on one film (Classic Game Room) and in pre-production on several others I completely forget that I just had a film released a few weeks ago.

World War 1 - American Legacy

World War 1 - American Legacy narrated by David Carradine was unleashed to the world on December 5th, 2006. I just got word of two terrific new reviews and want to thank Paul Mavis at Additionally I would like to thank for their review.

DVDtalk said: From Inecom Entertainment comes World War 1: American Legacy, a wonderful documentary from their Minutes of History series. Utilizing spectacular black and white stills, paintings, propaganda posters, and newspaper clippings, World War 1: American Legacy bypasses a traditional chronological, straightforward history lesson on The Great War, to give the viewer a more impressionistic feel for the conflict, highlighting stories of influential people who impacted events in the War to End all Wars. Narrated by David Carradine, World War 1: American Legacy is a marvelous introduction to this increasingly forgotten conflict.

Read the full review HERE. said: "Powerful, balanced, brilliant use of stills, truly excellent, David Carradine's commentary strikes the right note."

World War 1 - American Legacy

Betty Jo Tucker at reviewed the film a few weeks ago, you can read her review HERE. Thank you for your continuing support of independent filmmaking Betty Jo!!

I don't have any production stills for WW1 American Legacy because the majority of the film is edited with period artwork, newspapers, photographs and drawings. Most of the work was done on the computer in editing. I wrote a blog post on our sound design and you can read that HERE.

World War 1 - American Legacy

Jay and I filmed some beautiful scenes of Pittsburgh's collection of Great War monuments and they are something to be seen in person. Pictured above is the monument on Butler Street & Penn Avenue overlooking downtown Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, one of the most striking monuments I have ever seen. You can read my blog post on the Father Duffy monument at Times Square in New York City, HERE.

World War 1 - American Legacy

Thank you again to all those who took the time to watch the film and reviewed it for others to see. I appreciate it greatly. If you are interested in purchasing a copy of the DVD it is available HERE at and most other online retailers.

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